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Top Three Reasons to Hire Me

With so many options in the talent pool, finding the perfect match for your role can be a very tall order.

The good news is that we already have something in common – you have a remote project / I want a remote project.

Are we a fit?  Start your search by reviewing the top three reasons why you should hire me.

#1 I’ve mastered remote work

I was a digital marketing nomad before it was cool. I’ve done all the heavy lifting terms of setting up communications and the framework required to keep projects running smoothly.  Working remotely is a skill you hire for.  Proof of that skill is in the deliverables…which leads me to point #2.

#2 My work = results

I got my start in the advertising agency world and went on to become a freelance account manager. This provided the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in numerous industries. As a seasoned freelancer who has worn many hats, I can see a project through from start to finish. Whether you need a planner, manager, or doer (or all of the above) just plug me in where you need the help. I have a few testimonials that can speak to that on my behalf.

#3 I’m committed to ongoing education

Learning, adapting, and growing are the pillars of my career. I was an early adopter of online marketing and lucky to be hired by companies who were keen to try new things. This allowed me to be fully up and running in the digital realm seven years ago. I even provided my peers with training through Meetup. I am focused on sharpening my digital marketing skills and staying ahead of emerging trends.  HubSpot is one resource that and I continually access to serve this purpose.


Where do we go from here? If you made it this far on my website, you might be ready to take the next step. I encourage you to get in touch and tell me about about your project. It’s a great way to introduce ourselves and start a conversation!



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